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More Than a Home Inspection!

Not all home inspectors are the same – some are new in the business and are inexperienced,
some don’t follow Professional Standards or a Code of Ethics, and many more do not carry insurance or provide their clients with a warranty.

At Atlanta Property Inspections, we are committed to giving our clients a professional inspection experience with as much information about the home as possible. Our reports are thorough and comprehensive, easy to read and understand, and have clear recommendations on what action is necessary.

Don’t make the mistake of calling the new guys that are discounting their fees to get your business – make sure your inspector is qualified, certified, and insured.

1449052877_real_estate-93We take the extra time to provide you with valuable information that the other guys don’t – things like the estimated remaining life expectancy of your roof, HVAC system, water heater, and other systems.

1449053607_real_estate-88Your inspector will provide cost-saving energy efficiency suggestions specific to your home. They’ll also discuss fire and electrical safety and any other concerns your family may need to know about.

Radon & Mold Sampling Available

RadonRadon is a cancer causing, radioactive gas. It comes from a natural breakdown of uranium in the soil, rock and water, and can get into the air you breathe.

Mold can also be very dangerous to your health. Your inspector will help find hidden mold, measure your indoor air quality and take mold samples if necessary.

All Certified Inspections Include:


 FREE Optional Termite Inspection ($45 Value) Learn More

 FREE Appliance Recall Report Available ($35 Value)

 FREE 1-Year Membership with Home Owners Network Includes Technical Support For Your Home, Special Offers and Discounts From Major Retailers, Contractor Referrals ($199 Value) Learn More

 FREE 90-Day Inspection Warranty (Up to $500 Value) Learn More

 FREE Concierge Service Including Easy Utility Connections (Gas, Water, Electric, Trash, TV, Phone) Learn More

 FREE Phone Support After Your Inspection

 FREE Monthly Newsletter For Your Home

90-Day WarrantyFREE 90-Day Warranty

Included with every inspection, the 90-Day Warranty covers your inspection costs for items we found to be in good working order.

Interactive Home Inspections

We encourage our clients to attend the home inspection and to take advantage of this valuable learning experience. We strive to keep the inspection process “inter-active” so that you can get the most out of your home inspection experience.

This is particularly beneficial to first time home buyers. By attending the inspection, you can ask questions, learn all about your home and get specific information, tailored individually to you and your home. Our goal is to educate our clients about home maintenance items, energy efficiency issues, safety concerns, and much more. By the time you leave the inspection, you will have lots of useful information about your new home. If you cannot attend the inspection, we will be happy to provide phone consultation so that all of your questions are answered.

What’s In An Inspection Report?

At Atlanta Property Inspections, we are professionally trained and nationally certified to complete a thorough and comprehensive inspection report.

InspectionReportCoverEvery report is easy to read and includes photos and a report summary with repair recommendations categorized by cost. Our detailed reports also include additional information such as money saving tips, maintenance recommendations, safety upgrade suggestions, home security tips, and much more.

Our reports are not quick and vague checklists that can be hard to understand and read like many inspection companies use. We take the time to carefully write each report with clear recommendations on what action is needed.

 Detailed, Comprehensive Report with Photos

 Easy to Understand Report with Summary

 Repair List Categorized by Cost

 Maintenance Tips & Energy Savings Suggestions

 Recommended Safety Improvements & Upgrades

 Replacement Risk Assessment of Aging Systems

 Positive Features of
Your Home

 Home Security Tips


We will provide you with a detailed and comprehensive report with color photos, an Inspection Summary with repair recommendations, and possibly an environmental report such as a radon test or mold sampling.

We use nationally recognized inspection standards and techniques as well as specialized inspection tools such as gas leak detectors, moisture meters, and water pressure gauges to ensure that you are getting the accurate information you need.

Every inspection report includes the following categories so that you will have a better understanding of our recommendations:

Major Repairs:

Items that are estimated to cost $1,000 or more to correct. Quotes are advised.

Moderate Repairs:

Items that are estimated to cost between $300 – $1,000 to correct. Quotes are advised.

Minor Repairs:

Items that are expected to cost less than $300 to correct; many are handyman or do-it-yourself.

Safety Hazards:

Items or conditions that are unsafe and need immediate repair.


Items that are recommended as an optional upgrade, and are not considered to be repairs.

Good News:

Positive features of the home are mentioned such as a newer roof or a high efficiency AC unit.


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We provide professional home inspection services for new homes, resale homes, townhomes, and condos.


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Prepare your home for the real estate market. Pre-inspected homes attract more attention and sell faster than others.



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Schedule Your Home Inspection Today!

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